Cenertec - Center of Energy and Technology is the Host of INFUB Conferences

We are a Portuguese Company dedicated to Training since 1981, namely the organisation of Intensive Courses, Specialization courses, Seminars, Customised Courses and European Conferences, in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Energy, Environment and Management. We are also the organisers of the European Conferences on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers (INFUB), already in the 14th edition. 

You can see more on our website:
English: https://cenertec.pt/en/

Cenertec - Center of Energy and Technology
VAT number: PT 501 192 301

For any further information, please contact us at:

Email: cenertec@cenertec.pt

 +351 22 973 46 24 / 22 973 07 47 / 91 488 64 39

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