Author Guidelines


We will be using Zoom for the transmission of the conference. There will be a separate Zoom room for each conference session and participants will be free to switch sessions whenever they want. Questions will be sent via private messages to the session moderator, who will curate and use some of these questions.


Before the conference:

Before the conference, you should install and test Zoom. You can do this by going to


We will also offer a test drop-in session where every author should test whether their system is working. We will be announcing the date and time of this session shortly.


During the conference:

  1. Before the session, you should have your presentation document (e.g. Powerpoint) open on your computer.
  2. Authors should enter the scheduled Zoom session 15 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that their setup is in working condition. Any problem should be immediately communicated to the technical assistance.
  3. The session moderator will activate the microphone when it is the author’s turn to present the paper.
  4. At any point before or during the session, there will be assistance that you can either contact via private message in Zoom, Email or via phone.
  5. After each presentation, the session chair will pass on a few questions from the audience.



  • The presentation must not be longer than 15 minutes.
  • The author's will screen share their presentation with the other participants in that session. The presenter's microphone will be turned on.
  • The session chair will be passing on questions after the presentation.
  • There might be additional, more generic questions at the end of the session




If you require any assistance before the conference, please contact:

Moritz von Schwedler



The contacts of your session chair and technical assistance will be communicated before the event.

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