Infub-12 Accepted Abstracts

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Modeling of the heating of steel pipes in gas fired furnaces using ANSYS-FLUENT in combination with radiative models
Dolores Demarco (Argentina); Pablo Marino (Argentina)

Coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics and Discrete Element Method modelling of shaft furnace, including nitrogen emissions
Christoph Spijker (Austria) ¹; Werner Pollhammer (Austria) ²; Harald Raupenstrauch (Austria) ¹
¹ Montanuniversiteat Leoben; ² K1-MET GmbH

Detailed CFD simulations of the fuel bed of an updraft gasifier and comparison to experimental results
Martina Blank (Austria); Claudia Benesch (Austria); Günter Knauss (Austria); Ingwald Obernberger (Austria) BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH

Emission minimisation of a 100 t/h waste wood CFB boiler by implementation of an advanced process control (APC) system
Bernhard Kronberger (Austria); Lukas Haffner (Austria)
VOIGT+WIPP Engineers GmbH

Influence of fuel characteristics of alternative residual biomass and ash chemistry on fluidized bed combustion and gasification
Thomas Karel (Austria) ¹ ²; Katharina Wagner (Austria) ¹ ²; Matthias Kuba (Austria) ¹ ²; Hermann Hofbauer (Austria) ²
¹ Bioenergy2020+ GmbH, Wienerstraße 49, 7540 Güssing, Austria; ² Institute of Chemical Engineering, Technische  Universität Wien

Modelling radiative heat transfer in an industrial furnace using the lattice Boltzmann method
Rene Prieler (Austria); Paul Burian (Austria); Tobit Flatscher (Austria); Christoph Schluckner (Austria); Christoph Hochenauer (Austria)
Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology

Negative CO2 Emission Technologies - A New Trend In Energy Research?
Tobias Pröll (Austria)
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Numerical and experimental investigation of the spheroidization process of non-spherical particles in a semi-industrial furnace
Hannes Gerhardter (Austria)¹; Mario Knoll (Austria) ¹; Marlene Mühlböck (Austria)²; Peter Tomazic (Austria) ²; Rene Prieler (Austria) ¹; Christoph Hochenauer (Austria) ¹
¹ Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology; ² M. Swarovski GmbH

Numerical modelling of the heating characteristic of steel and scale layer formation in different reheating furnaces
Martin Landfahrer (Austria) ¹; Hannes Gerhardter (Austria) ¹; Christoph Schluckner (Austria) ¹; Thomas Zmek (Austria) ²; Jürgen Klarner (Austria) ²; Rene Prieler (Austria) ¹; Christoph Hochenauer (Austria) ¹
¹ Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology; ² Voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG

Sensitivity analysis of nitrogen impurities in oxy-fuel combustion of natural gas on NOx formation
Christoph Schluckner (Austria) ¹; Christian Gaber (Austria) ¹; Martin Demuth (Austria) ²; Christoph Hochenauer (Austria) ¹
¹ Graz University of Technology, Institute of Thermal Engineering; ² Messer Austria GmbH - Kompetenzzentrum Metallurgie

Simulation of a turbulent combustion and structural mechanics in radiant tube burner using OpenFOAM
Zlatko Raonic (Austria); Dmitry Nikolaenko (Austria); Christoph Spijker (Austria); Harald Raupenstrauch (Austria)
Montanuniversitaet Leoben

A two-dimensional pyrolysis model for thermally thick particles
Quynh Hoang N. (Belgium) ¹; Maarten Vanierschot (Belgium) ²; Tom Croymans (Belgium) ³; Rudi Pittoors (Belgium) ³; Jo Van Caneghem (Belgium) ¹
¹ TC Materials Technology, Group T campus, KU Leuven; ² Mechanical Engineering Technology Cluster TC, Group T campus, KU Leuven; ³ Keppel Seghers Belgium NV

Ammonia and Hydrogen Mixtures Combustion in a Quasi-Industrial Moderate or Intense Low-oxygen Dilution Combustion Chamber
Ruggero Amaduzzi (Belgium); Alessandro Parente (Belgium)
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Effect of NH3/H2 blends on MILD combustion fuel flexibility
Ruggero Amaduzzi (Belgium); Marco Ferrarotti (Belgium); Alessandro Parente (Belgium)
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Numerical Analysis of the Transient Heating Characteristics of a Slab in a Re-Heat Furnace
Zaaquib Yunus Ahmed (Belgium) ¹; Steven Lecompte (Belgium) ¹; Teun De Raad (Belgium) ²; Michel De Paepe (Belgium) ¹
¹ Ghent University; ² ArcelorMittal Belgium

Andrea Carolina Gutierrez-Gomez (Brazil); Antonio Garrido Gallego (Brazil); Silvia A. Nebra (Brazil); Juliana Tofano De Campos Leite (Brazil); Ana Maria Pereira Neto (Brazil)
Federal University of ABC (CECS-UFABC)

Energy Recovery assessment of Brazilian Municipal Solid Waste by combustion system
Andrea Carolina Gutierrez-Gomez (Brazil); Antonio Garrido Gallego (Brazil); Reynaldo Palacios-Bereche (Brazil); Juliana Tofano De Campos Leite (Brazil); Ana Maria Pereira Neto (Brazil)
Federal University of ABC (CECS/UFABC)

Experimental Laminar Flame Speed of Fixed Bed Downdraft-Syngas
Guthman Oliveira (Brazil); Maria Esther Sbampato (Brazil); Cristiane Martins (Brazil); Leila Ribeiro (Brazil); Gilberto Barreta (Brazil); Rene Gonçalves (Brazil)
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

Experimental Efficiency Analysis of Sugarcane Bagasse Boiler based on the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics
Edgar Fernando Cortes Rodriguez (Brazil)¹; Silvia A Nebra (Brazil)¹; Reynaldo Palacios Bereche (Brazil)¹; Juan Harold Sosa-Arnao (Brazil) ²
¹ Federal University of ABC (CECS/UFABC); ² Inka'S Boiler

Impact of the Torrefaction Process in the Biomass Energy Quality During Open-Air Storage
Alan Carneiro (Brazil); Diego De Oliveira (Brazil); Fernando Dos Santos (Brazil); Bruno Rodrigues (Brazil); Danielle Guerra (Brazil); Manoel Nogueira (Brazil)
Federal University of Pará

Palm oil EFB torrefaction in laboratorial and pilot scale reactors
Diego Carneiro De Oliveira (Brazil); Alan Nogueira Carneiro (Brazil); Fernando Henrique De Barbosa Dos Santos (Brazil); Danielle Regina Da Silva Guerra (Brazil); Manoel Fernandes Martins Nogueira (Brazil)
Federal University of Pará

The Power of Industry 4.0 on heat treatment
Claudio Goldbach (Brazil)
Perfil Group

The effects of nozzle design on the combustion of wood-derived fast pyrolysis oil in furnaces, boilers and kilns
Murray Thomson (Canada)
University of Toronto

Flameless Oxyfuel Solutions : Technologies and Results
Joachim Von Scheele (China)
Linde plc, Technology Hub Asia Pacific

Czech Republic
Study of the ash fusion temperatures of agricultural wastes
Marek Balas (Czech Republic); Petra Vavrikova (Czech Republic); Martin Lisy (Czech Republic)
Brno University of Technology

2D Gas Temperature Profiles for SNCR NOx Reduction Process Optimization in Waste To Energy Plants
Henrik Hofgren (Denmark)¹; Alexander Fateev (Denmark) ²
¹ B&W Vølund; ² DTU Chemical Engineering

Measurement and modelling of a cement calciner firing with solid recovered fuel
Mohammadhadi Nakhaei (Denmark)¹; Hao Wu (Denmark)¹; Damien Grévain (Denmark) ²; Peter Garborg (Denmark)¹; Lars Skaarup Jensen (Denmark) ²; Kim Dam-Johansen (Denmark)¹
¹ Technical University of Denmark; ² FLSmidth A/S

Exergy analysis of a large CFB boiler furnace
Aleksi Mankonen (Finland)¹; Esa Vakkilainen (Finland)¹; Juha Kaikko (Finland)¹; Vitaliy Sergeev (Russian Federation) ²
¹ Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT; ² Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Analysis of premixed H2/air combustion in a porous burner
Francois Muller (France); Selle Laurent (France); Schuller Thierry (France)
Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, Université de Toulouse

CFD modelling of flameless oxy-lancing combustion technology to boost burner capacity
Phuc Danh Nguyen (France); Ghassan Ghazal (France); Víctor Cuervo Pinera (Spain)
ArcelorMittal Global R&D

CO2-H2O dilution effects on non-premixed turbulent flames in a swirl burner
Hajar Zaidaoui (France)¹; Toufik Boushaki (France)¹; Jean-Charles Sautet (France) ²; Christian Chauveau (France) ³
¹ ICARE CNRS & University of Orleans; ² Normandie University, CORIA,; ³ ICARE CNRS

Experimental study of turbulent Bluff-Body flames stability by simultaneous high speed flame imaging and Particle Image Velocimetry
Nelson Valdez (France); Corine Lacour (France); Bertrand Lecordier (France); Armelle Cessou (France); David Honoré (France)
Normandie Univ, INSA Rouen, UNIROUEN, CNRS, CORIA

Influence of operation mode of a drop-feed-pellet domestic boiler on gaseous and particulate emissions
Martinez Angel (France); Corine Lacour (France); Jerome Yon (France); Alexis Coppalle (France)

Sreejith Nadakkal Appukuttan (France); Eleonore Riber (France); Benedicte Cuenot (France)

Towards Digital Twin Of an Industrial Furnace Operating with Natural Gas / Hydrogen Mixtures
Nicolas Meynet (France)¹; Guy-Alexandre Grandin (France)

A camera-based flame stability controller for non-oscillating and oscillating combustion
Jörg Matthes (Germany) ¹; Patrick Waibel (Germany) ¹; Markus Vogelbacher (Germany) ¹; Hans-Joachim Gehrmann (Germany) ²; Dieter Stapf (Germany) ²; Hubert Keller (Germany) ¹
¹ Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; ² Institute for Technical Chemistry, Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology

Biofficiency: The challenging way towards the Next Generation of Biomass-fired Combined Heat and Power Plants
Hartmut Spliethoff (Germany)
TU München

Challenges for the Future Combustion of Green Fuels
Joachim Wünning (Germany)

Characterisation of the combustion process of low-calorific-value gas with fluctuating composition
Marius Philipp (Germany); Henning Bruns (Germany); Christian Schwotzer (Germany); Herbert Pfeifer (Germany)
Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, RWTH Aachen

Combustion Behavior of Lumpy Coke in Mixed Feed Lime Shaft Kilns
Bassem Hallak (Germany); Eckehard Specht (Germany)
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Combustion of biomass derived pyrolysis oil in a CHP boiler
Sergej Warkentin (Germany) ¹; Dirk Möntmann (Germany) ¹; Melanie Grote (Germany) ¹; Sangeetha Ramaswamy (Germany) ¹; Thomas Rütten (Germany) ²
¹ OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH, Affiliated Institute RWTH Aachen University; ² MEKU Energie Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

Comparison and evaluation of technical approaches aiming the dew point temperature increase for the thermal energy recovery from the humid flue gases
Nataliia Fedorova (Germany) ¹ ²; Pegah Aziziyanesfahani (Germany) ¹; Vojislav Jovicic (Germany) ¹ ²; Ana Zbogar-Rasic (Germany) ¹; Muhammad Jehanzaib Khan (Germany) ¹; Antonio Delgado (Germany) ¹ ²
¹ Institute of Fluid Mechanics (LSTM), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Cauerstraße 4, 91058 Erlangen, Germany; ² 2 Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT)

Degassing and Stability Behavior of Oxide Heat Insulation Materials in Vacuum Furnaces
Reinhild Arnold (Germany); Maria Gilbert (Germany); Hartmut Krause (Germany)
Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Thermal Engineering and Thermodynamics, Professorship of Gas and Heat Technology

Design and Application of Low-NOx-Pulverized Biomass Burner over Biomass Grate Furnace
Stefan Hamel (Germany); Pawel Kuczmierczyk (Germany); Anojan Santhirasegaran (Germany); Krzysztof Zajac (Germany)
Steinmüller Engineering GmbH

Design of an energy efficient heating system for integrated oxygen production using ceramic membranes
Fabian Scheck (Germany) ¹; Christian Schwotzer (Germany) ¹; Herbert Pfeifer (Germany) ¹; Ralf Kriegel (Germany) ²
¹ Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering - RWTH Aachen University; ² Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS

Development of fuel-air inlet system for stabilizing hydrogen-air flame within  cylindrical porous ceramic matrix
Muhammad Jehanzaib Khan (Germany); Vojislav Jovicic (Germany); Ana Zbogar-Rasic (Germany); Antonio Delgado (Germany)
Institute of Fluid Mechanics (LSTM), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Development of new concepts for an energy efficient firing of ceramics by 2050
Tino Redemann (Germany); Eckehard Specht (Germany)
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Development of Process Model for the manufacturing of sanitary ware in Tunnel Kiln
Denny Mathew Alex (Germany); Eckehard Specht (Germany)
Otto von Guericke University

Effects of surrounding radiation on the lifetime of radiant tubes in a vertical strip galvanizing line
Dominik Büschgens (Germany); Narayana K. Karthik (Germany); Christian Schubert (Germany); Nico Schmitz (Germany); Wolfgang Lenz (Germany); Herbert Pfeifer (Germany)
Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering - RWTH Aachen University

Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process – ECCO
Michael Schneider (Germany); Petra Weinbrecht (Germany); Christoph Wieland (Germany); Christof Weis (Germany); Dimosthenis Trimis (Germany)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Experimental analysis of the drying process  in rotary kilns
Claudia Meitzner (Germany) ¹; Eckehard Specht (Germany) ¹; Fabian Herz (Germany) ²
¹ Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg; ² Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Experimental and numerical investigations of a high-power density sulphur burner
Michal Fedoryk (Germany); Feichi Zhang (Germany); Hosein Heidarifatasmi (Germany); Stefan Harth (Germany); Dimosthenis Trimis (Germany); Henning Bockhorn (Germany)
Engler-Bunte-Institute/Division for Combustion Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Experimental investigation of tailored heating for massive forming
Stephanie Thie (Germany); Justin Hauch (Germany); Christian Schwotzer (Germany); Herbert Pfeifer (Germany)
Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering at RWTH Aachen University

Experimental Investigations on Plasma Assisted Solid Fuel Ignition and Combustion
Reyhane Youssefi (Germany); Joerg Maier (Germany); Guenter Scheffknecht (Germany)
University of Stuttgart, Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology

Flame behaviour of gaseous fuels in rotary kiln
Eckehard Specht (Germany); Abdul Qayyum (Germany)
Otto von Guericke University

Flue gas condensation – One option to maximise cycle efficiency of renewable and fossil fuel fired power plants
Udo Hellwig (Germany); Atul Sharma (Germany)
ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH

Heat transfer analysis in flighted rotary kilns: Influence of the flight configuration
Jakob Seidenbecher (Germany) ¹; Fabian Herz (Germany) ²; Eckehard Specht (Germany) ¹; Siegmar Wirtz (Germany) ³; Viktor Scherer (Germany) ³
¹ Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg; ² Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Köthen; ³ Ruhr-University Bochum

Impact of flow maldistribution in Shell-and-tube heat exchangers
Tim Dorau (Germany) ¹; Richard Schab (Germany) ¹; Simon Unz (Germany) ¹; Reza Mohammad Malayeri (Germany) ²; Michael Beckmann (Germany) ¹
¹ TU Dresden; ² University of Shiraz, TU Dresden

Impact of mineral additives on deposition behavior when firing straw in a pilot scale (500kW) pulverized combustion furnace
Piotr Plaza (Germany); Manoj Paneru (Germany); Alexander Mack (Germany); Ilia Shesterikov (Germany); Jörg Maier (Germany)   
Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology, Stuttgart University

Impact of the charging strategy, the cohesive zone and a varying blast volume flow on the conditions in the hearth:  Transient DEM-CFD simulations of an industrial blast furnace
Henry Merten (Germany) ¹; Frederik Bambauer (Germany) ¹; Siegmar Wirtz (Germany) ¹; Viktor Scherer (Germany) ¹; Hauke Bartusch (Germany) ³; Rongshan Lin (Germany) ²
¹ Department of Energy Plant Technology, Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, Germany; ² AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Research & Development Iron and Coke Making, 66763 Dillingen, Germany; ³ VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut, Department Process Optimisation Iron and Steel Making

Influence of Hydrogen Admixtures on Flame Stability, Shape and Emissions of Premixed Hydrocarbon Flames in a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor
Martin Hefele (Germany) ¹; Marinos Blanas (United States of America) ²; Sven Eckart (Germany) ¹; Hartmut Krause (Germany) ¹
¹ Institute of Thermal Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany; ² University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA

Investigation on the influence of microwaves on the performance of laminar premixed flames: enhancement of burning velocity and exhaust gas composition
Sven Eckart (Germany) ¹; Elizabeth Collins (Germany) ²; Ralph Behrend (Germany) ¹; Hartmut Krause (Germany) ¹
¹ TU Bergakademie Freiberg; ² Bates College

Large Eddy Simulation of pulverized coal combustion under oxy atmospheres using tabulated chemistry
Hendrik Nicolai (Germany) ¹; Samim Ahmad Doost (Germany) ¹; Francesca Di Mare (Germany) ²; Christian Hasse (Germany) ³; Johannes Janicka (Germany) ¹
¹ Institut for Energy- and Powerplant Technology, Technische Universität Darmstadt ² Chair of Thermal Turbomachines and Aeroengines, Ruhr-Universität Bochum ³ Institut for Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Material concepts for heat exchangers in the field of high temperature conversion: Results of long-term exposures in corrosive pyrolysis gases
Maria Gilbert (Germany) ²; Lennart Schmies (Germany) ¹; Christian Knosalla (Germany) ¹; Wolfgang Lippmann (Germany) ¹; Hartmut Krause (Germany) ²
¹ Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Power Engineering, Chair of Hydrogen and Nuclear Energy; ² Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Thermal Engineering and Thermodynamics, Professorship of Gas and Heat Technology

Microwave heated pyrolysis of CFRP - Characteristics of Gas and Oil products
Ralph Behrend (Germany) ³; Thomas Krampitz (Germany) ¹; Carsten Pätzold (Germany) ²; Peter Fröhlich (Germany) ²; Martin Bertau (Germany) ²; Holger Lieberwirth (Germany) ¹; Hartmut Krause (Germany) ³
¹ Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Mineral Processing Machines; ² Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Chemical Technology; ³ Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Thermal Engineering and Thermodynamics, Professorship of Gas and Heat Technology

Modern concepts for sensor-based process optimization of waste-fired power plants
Franziska Graube-Kuehne (Germany); Torsten Kehr (Germany); Sebastian Grahl (Germany); Michael Beckmann (Germany)
TU Dresden, Chair of Energy Process Engineering

Multi-fuel Combustion System for Gaseous and Liquid Biofuels with Low NOx Emissions
Markus Röder (Germany) ¹; Dirk Möntmann (Germany) ²; Melanie Grote (Germany) ²; Anne Giese (Germany) ¹; David Diarra (Germany) ²; Klaus Görner (Germany) ¹
¹ Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.; ² OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH

Oscillating Combustion for NOx- Reduction in Pulverized Fuel Boilers
Hans Joachim Gehrmann (Germany) ¹; Krasimir Aleksandrov (Germany) ²; Manuela Hauser (Germany) ²; Dieter Stapf (Germany) ¹; Helmut Seifert (Germany) ²; Jörg Matthes (Germany) ²; Patrick Waibel (Germany) ²; Markus Vogelbacher (Germany) ²; Hubert Keller (Germany) ²
¹ Karlsruhe Institut of Technology; ² Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Online Corrosion Monitoring in Industrial Boilers
Müller Andreas (Germany) ²; Epple Epple (Germany) ¹; Falk Ewert (Germany) ³; Bernd Epple (Germany)4
¹ Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute EST; ² TU Darmstadt; ³ Berliner Stadtreinigung BSR; 4 Technical University Darmstadt

polysius® fuel substitution - solution for increasing the alternative fuels rate up to 100 % using the prepol® step combustor
Lemke Jost (Germany); Veckenstedt Ines (Germany); Fit Leo (Germany)
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Sebastian Krusch (Germany) ²; Viktor Scherer (Germany) ³; Roberto Solimene (Italy) ¹; Osvalda Senneca (Italy) ¹
¹ CNR-IRC; ² RUB (now at doosan); ³ RUB

Raw Biogas as a Potential Substitute for Natural Gas in Metallurgical Thermal Processes – Impact on Combustion and Pollutant Emissions
Markus Röder (Germany) ¹; Tim Schneider (Germany) ¹; Philipp Pietsch (Germany) ²; Anne Giese (Germany) ¹; Erler Ronny (Germany) ²; Klaus Görner (Germany) ¹
¹ Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.; ² DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg

Reduction of Thermal and Fuel NO-Formation with Multi Stage Flameless Oxidation
Nico Schmitz (Germany) ¹; Enrico Cresci (Germany) ²; Joachim G. Wuenning (Germany) ²; Herbert Pfeifer (Germany) ¹
¹ RWTH Aachen University - Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering; ² WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH

Studies on the Waste Feeding Process in large-scale Waste Incineration Plants
Martin Zwiellehner (Germany) ¹; Ragnar Warnecke (Germany) ²; Florian Grafmans (Germany) ²; Martin Weghaus (Germany) ³
¹ SAR GmbH, Process- and Environmental Technology; ² Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Schweinfurt GmbH; ³ Weghaus GmbH

The development of an opto-acoustic method for the assessment of critical vibrations and flame noise in boilers and furnaces with a high-speed-camera system
Philipp Pietsch (Germany) ¹; Julian Morich (Germany) ²; Matthias Werschy (Germany) ¹; Johannes Köllner (Germany) 4; Stefan Günther (Germany) ³
¹ DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH; ² Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Mechatronischen Maschinenbau, Lehrstuhl f. Magnetofluiddynamik, Mess- u. Automatisierungstechnik; ³ Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Mechatronischen Maschinenbau Lehrstuhl f. Magnetofluiddynamik, Mess- u. Automatisierungstechnik; 4 SDS Schwingungs Diagnose Service GmbH

Thermal process for energy recovery from Waste Electronical and Electrical Equipment under the premiss of bromine recycling
Martin Dunker (Germany); Andreas Hiller (Germany); Michael Beckmann (Germany)
TU Dresden

Thermal treatment of hydrochars in rotary drums
Elisabeth Kleiber (Germany); Fabian Herz (Germany); Fabian Weigler (Germany)
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Thermodynamic and lifecycle analysis of a CO2-based methanol synthesis
Matthias Dierks (Germany); Florian Möllenbruck (Germany); Gerd Oeljeklaus (Germany); Klaus Görner (Germany)
University of Duisburg-Essen

Mixing of an Iron-Sand Binary Mixture in a 2D Pseudo Bed: Experimental and Numerical Studies
Mohamed Alagha (Hungary); Botond Szucs (Hungary); Pal Szentannai (Hungary)
Department of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

Numerical Simulations of Dense Fluidized Beds using the EMMS Gas-Solid Drag Model
Mohamed Alagha (Hungary); Pal Szentannai (Hungary)
Department of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

Pressure Drop of Irregular/Non-spherical SRF/Wood Particles in Packed Columns
Mohamed Alagha (Hungary); Botond Szucs (Hungary); Pal Szentannai (Hungary)
Department of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

A study of sphericity influence on mixing of wood particles in a binary fluidized bed
Mohamed Alagha (Hungary); Botond Szucs (Hungary); Pal Szentannai (Hungary)
Department of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

Development and Optimization of Pilot-scale Rotary Kiln Combustor for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration
Punithan Chelladurai (India)

Development of a coupled modeling approach to evaluate impact of high emissivity coating on cracker furnace performance
Ananth Sharma (India)

Biomass gasification: the use of biochar and mayenite for tar removal
Paolo Venturini (Italy); Franco Rispoli (Italy); Domenico Borello (Italy)
Sapienza University of Rome

CFD modeling: a powerful tool for high efficiency burner design
Alessandro Saponaro (Italy) ¹; Osvalda Senneca (Italy) ²; Marco Torresi (Italy) ³; Jaco Brand (South Africa) 6; Feliciano Cesareo (Italy) ³; Maurizio Valenzano (Italy) ³; Simona Siena (Italy) ³; Gabriele Rago (Italy) ¹; Gianluca Rossiello (Italy) 5; Guido Volpi (Italy) 4; Massimo Penati (Italy) 4; Ruggiero Dadduzio (Italy) 4; Thomas Giani (Italy) 4; Massimo Rogora (Italy) 4; Lorenzo Fortunato (Italy) ¹; Vincenzo Panebianco (Italy) 4   
¹ Centro Combustione Ambiente S.p.A; ² Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione (IRC); ³ Politecnico di Bari; 4 AC BOILERS S.p.A; 5 ITEA S.p.A; 6 Central Analytical Facilities (CAF), Stellenbosch University, SOUTH AFRICA

A Cyclonic flow Cavity for fuel flexible and low emissions combustion systems
Giancarlo Sorrentino (Italy) ¹; Giuseppe Ceriello (Italy) ¹; Antonio Cavaliere (Italy) ¹; Pino Sabia (Italy) ²; Mara De Joannon (Italy) ²; Raffaele Ragucci (Italy) ²
¹ University Federico II of Naples-DICMAPI; ² Institute for Research on Combustion-CNR

High performance Ultra -low NOx burner for industrial boilers
Lorenzo Morandi (Italy) ¹; Diego Maggiolini (Italy) ¹; Gianluca Rossiello (Italy) ²; Alessandro Saponaro (Italy) ³; Lorenzo Fortunato (Italy) ³
¹ Macchi (division of  SOFINTER SpA); ² ITEA SpA; ³ Centro Combustione Ambiente SpA (CCA)

Pressurized steam pyrolysis of grape residues for production of valuable liquid hydrocarbons
Francesco Miccio (Italy) ¹; Annalisa Natali Murri (Italy) ¹; Elettra Papa (Italy) ¹; Elena Landi (Italy) ¹; Matteo Minelli (Italy) ²
¹ ISTEC-CNR Faenza; ² DICAM University of Bologna

Research and innovation in residential biomass boilers
Marco Pellegrini (Italy); Cesare Saccani (Italy)
Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Bologna

Oxygen-enriched Combustion Technology using Self-induced Oscillation to Uniformly Heat a Wide Range in Industrial Furnaces
Takeshi Saito (Japan); Yasuyuki Yamamoto (Japan) ¹; Yoshiyuki Hagihara (Japan)
TAIYO NIPPON SANSO Corporation Masashi Yamaguchi

Republic of Korea
Combustion using oxygen lance in a reheating furnace
Cheolwoo Lee (Korea, Republic of) ¹; Insu Kim (Korea, Republic of) ¹; Sangji Lee (Korea, Republic of) ²; Junggoo Hong (Korea, Republic of) ²
¹ Hyundai Steel; ² School of Mechanical Engineering, Kyungpook National University

Investigations on hydrogen cyanide (HCN) emission characteristics of NG and COG flames
Yonmo Sung (Korea, Republic of); Changyong Oh (Korea, Republic of)
Hyundai Steel Byungwha Jang (Korea, Republic of)

NOx emission characteristics of fuel-pulsed oscillating combustion in a 1 MWth industrial burner
Byunghwa Jang (Korea, Republic of); Changyong Oh (Korea, Republic of)
Hyundai Steel Yonmo Sung (Korea, Republic of)

Tail biogas flame stabilization by assistance of thermal plasma reformer
Nerijus Striūgas (Lithuania) ¹; Kęstutis Zakarauskas (Lithuania) ¹; Rolandas Paulauskas (Lithuania) ¹; Andrius Tamošiūnas (Lithuania) ²; Liutauras Marcinauskas (Lithuania) ²
¹ Lithuanian Energy Institute, Laboratory of Combustion Processes, Lithuania; ² Lithuanian Energy Institute, Plasma Processing Laboratory

Process analysis in thermal process engineering with high-performance computing  using the example of grate firing
Berhard Peters (Luxembourg) ¹; Alban Rousset (Luxembourg) ¹; Xavier Besseron (Luxembourg) ¹; Wahid Mainassara (Luxembourg) ¹; Chiara Galletti (Italy) ²; Alessio Lupi (Italy) ²
¹ University of Luxembourg; ² University of Pisa

Numerical Simulation of Radiant Burner Performance Burning Syngas Fuels
Gianfranco Scribano (Malaysia) ¹; Manh-Vu Tran (Malaysia) ²
¹ University of Nottingham; ² Monash University Malaysia

Combustion of Metal Fuel in a Low-Swirl Burn
Jip Krens (Netherlands) ¹; B.J.G. Ruis (Netherlands) ¹; L.P.H. De Goey (Netherlands) ¹; J.A. Van Oijen (Netherlands) ¹; Martin Schiemann (Germany) ²
¹ Eindhoven University of Technology; ² Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Flow Control in Large Angle Diffusers for Cold End Protection
Jens Kitzhofer (Netherlands); Mircea Dinulescu (Netherlands)
APEX Research B.V.

Modelling of metal and steam temperature distribution in the superheater of the pulverised coal boiler
Norbert Modliński (Poland)
Wroclaw Univesrity of Science and Technology

Numerical and experimental studies on the ignition of pulverized coal stream and spherical cloud
Konrad Babul (Poland); Janusz Wach (Poland)
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology   Wieslaw Rybak Wieslaw Rybak (Poland)

Carbonization of grape pomace
Ana Ferreira (Portugal); Mário Costa (Portugal)
Instituto Superior Técnico

Co-combustion of waste tires and plastic-rubber wastes with biomass technical and environmental analysis
Paulo Brito (Portugal)
1VALORIZA - Research Center for Endogenous Resource Valorization, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal

Influence of H2O addition on biomass gasification in a drop tube furnace
Tiago Rio (Portugal); Ricardo Ferreira (Portugal); Mário Costa (Portugal)
Instituto Superior Técnico

Single droplet ignition and combustion of jet fuel, vegetable oil and their blends in a drop tube furnace
Gonçalo Pacheco (Portugal) ¹; André Silva (Portugal) ²; Mário Costa (Portugal) ³
¹ Instituto Superior Técnico e Universidade da Beira Interior; ² Universidade da Beira Interior.; ³ Instituto Superior Técnico

Thermal performance of a domestic boiler burning briquettes made with agricultural wastes
Bárbara Braga (Portugal) ¹; Victor Ferreira (Portugal) ²; Aida Sanches (Portugal) ²; Carlos Pinho (Portugal) ³

Heat transfer modelling in 600MWe power plant boiler
Zeljko Warga (Slovenia)

South Africa
Experimental and Numerical Determination of the Combustion Characteristics of a South African and Polish Coal
Reshendren Naidoo (South Africa) ¹; Norbert Modlinski (Poland) ²; Krzysztof Czajka (Poland) ²; Bonny Nyangwa (South Africa) ³
¹ University of the Witwatersrand; ² Wroclaw University of Science and Technology; ³ Eskom Research, Test and Development

Investigation of the effect of ash concentration on radiative heat transfer inside a coal fired furnace
Lesego Moumakoe (South Africa) ¹, ²; Walter Schmitz (South Africa) ¹; Reshendren Naidoo (South Africa) ¹
¹ Wits University; ² Eskom holdings

Modelling of dew point operating conditions in a rotary regenerative air heater
Warren Brandt (South Africa)
Eskom EPPEI - University of the Witwatersrand

Industrial burners upgrading with oxy-lancing for furnace throughput boosting
Víctor Cuervo-Piñera (Spain); Diego Cifrián-Riesgo (Spain); Juan González-González (Spain); Phuc-Danh Nguyen (France)

Novel heat recovery system for ceramic furnaces using high-temperature phase change materials and integration based on multicriteria analysis development
Patricia Royo (Spain); Luis Acevedo (Spain); Alvaro J. Arnal (Spain); Maryori Diaz-Ramirez (Spain); Tatiana Garcia-Armingol (Spain); Victor J. Ferreira (Spain); German Ferreira (Spain); Ana M. Lopez-Sabiron (Spain)
Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE)

Comparison of the dynamic behavior between bubbling and circulating fluidized bed combustors
Guillermo Martinez Castilla (Sweden); Ruben M Montañes (Sweden); David Pallarès (Sweden); Filip Johnsson (Sweden)
Chalmers University of Technology

Influence of potassium on the fuel conversion in industrial scale fluidized be combustors and gasifiers
Martin Seemann (Sweden); Teresa Berdugo (Sweden)
Chalmers University of Technology

Temperature Measurements by Means of SO2 Spectra and Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy in Two Full-Scale Boilers
Tomas Leffler (Sweden); Shahriar Badiei (Sweden); Per Kallner (Sweden)
Vattenfall, Sweden

Unresolved issues in modelling thermochemical conversion of biomass
Angel D. Garcia (Sweden); Thamali R. Jayawickrama (Sweden); Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik (Sweden); Albert Bach-Oller (Sweden); Rikard Gebart (Sweden)
Luleå University of Technology   Kentaro Umeki (Sweden)

Brave new world - An introduction to IIoT
Oliver Seifert (Switzerland)
Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG

Valorisation of plastic wastes by pyrolysis for energy production
Jean-Bernard Michel (Switzerland) ¹; Marco Simeoni (Switzerland) ¹; Olivier Lepez (France) ²
¹ Race for Water Foundation; ² ETIA Ecotechnologies

The Comparison of Numerical Modelling Result on Combustion via using Pulverized Coal and Biomass
Cansu Deniz Canal (Turkey); Yakup Erhan Böke (Turkey)

Numerical Modeling of a Continuous Glassware Annealing Furnace
Gonenc Can Altun (Turkey); Altug Melik Basol (Turkey); M. Pinar Menguc (Turkey)
Ozyegin University

United Kingdom
Achieving Industrial Emissions Directive performance and increasing efficiency on least cost basis at a 160T/H refinery steam boiler Graeme Ridler (United Kingdom); Mike Kryjak (United Kingdom); Steve Billett (United Kingdom); Frantisek Gnyp (United Kingdom); John Goldring (United Kingdom)

Application of Auxiliary Injection for NOx reduction on End fired Glass melting Furnaces
Richard Pont (United Kingdom)
Global Combustion Systems Ltd

Control of Oxidative Degradation in CO2 capture plants by removing Dissolved Oxygen
Muhammad Akram (United Kingdom); Kris Milkowski (United Kingdom); Abdul'aziz Aliyu (United Kingdom); Jon Gibbins (United Kingdom); Mohammed Pourkashanian (United Kingdom)
Translational Energy Research Centre, Energy Institute, University of Sheffield, UK

CFD Simulation of Non-Premixed Combustion in Grid Plate Flame Stabilizers
Jose Quinonez (United Kingdom); Naman Al-Dabbagh (United Kingdom); Alan Burns (United Kingdom); Gordon Andrews (United Kingdom)
University of Leeds

Comparative analysis of biomass combustion under air- and oxy-firing regimes with focus on entrained metal aerosol release profiles
Janos Szuhanszki (United Kingdom); Karen Finney (United Kingdom); Kris Milkowski (United Kingdom); Mohamed Pourkashanian (United Kingdom)
University Energy Institute, UK

Economic appraisal of the Pulse Jet Filtration Process in Combustion Processes
Daniel Curry (United Kingdom); Sheraz Daood (United Kingdom); William Nimmo (United Kingdom)
The University of Sheffield

Grid Mix Burner with Slot air Jets for Non-Premixed Low NOx Combustion at Domestic
Gordon Andrews (United Kingdom); S.A.R. Ahmad (United Kingdom)
University of Leeds

Impact of High Flow Preheaters on the performance of High-Temperature Coil Annealing processes
Lydia Schoina (United Kingdom) ¹; Fiona C.J. Robinson (United Kingdom) ²; Mark V. Cichuta (United Kingdom) ²; Agustin Valera-Medina (United Kingdom) ¹
¹ College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Cardiff University, UK; ² Cogent Power Ltd., UK

In-furnace thermal imaging for process optimisation and NOx reduction
Chris Leonard (United Kingdom) ¹; Neil Simpson (United Kingdom) ²
¹ AMETEK Land; ² Simpson Combustion and Energy

Issues relating to the Combustion of High Asphaltene Heavy Fuel Oils
Amanda Lea-Langton (United Kingdom) ¹; Alan Williams (United Kingdom) ²
¹ University of Manchester; ² University of Leeds

Jet Mix Hydrogen Burner: Air Temperature Influences on NOx
Gordon Andrews (United Kingdom); Mohammed Altahar (United Kingdom); Haytham Al Qahtany (United Kingdom)
University of Leeds

Radial Swirler 15 -35 kW Burners with Outlet Throat Wall Fuel Injection for Low NOx Combustion
Gordon Andrews (United Kingdom); Myeong Kim (Korea, Republic of)
University of Leeds

RANS studies for validation of premixed turbulent combustion models
Siva Muppala (United Kingdom)
Kingston University

Donald Cameron (United Kingdom)
Primasonics, UK

United States of America
Modeling of Combustion in Furnaces and other Enclosures
Ivanka Nikolova (United States of America)
University of Pittsburgh


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