15th August 2021

Submission deadline for abstracts

20th August 2021

Notification of acceptance

31th October 2021

Submission deadline for draft conference papers

7th January 2022

Reviewers' comments

14th February 2022
  Early-bird deadline

22nd February 2022

Submission deadline for final conference papers

19th April - 22nd April 2022   Conference
2nd May 2022   Announcement of papers selected for the special editions
1st July 2022   Submission open for journal papers
1st September 2022   Submission deadline for final journal papers*: FUEL
1st October 2022   Submission deadline for final journal papers*:
Thermal Sciences and Engineering Process

*Note that you cannot submit the exact same version of your conference paper to the journal. It is expected that you extend upon the content of your conference paper (12 pages) to a standard full journal paper (20-25 pages)

updated: 30/07/2021

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