Authors that would like to present a paper should submit abstracts with a maximum of 500 words, stating clearly and concisely the purpose of the paper, the method of approach, and significant results and conclusions.


It will be necessary to produce the final papers in English in PDF format and these will be published in the Conference Proceedings. English is the official language of the Conference and will be used for all printed material, presentations and discussions.

Abstracts will be selected by the Organizing Committee and Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection by the 20th of August 2021. If accepted they will then be invited to proceed with the preparation of their draft papers, which will be subject to review by the Conference Referees.

Please note that selected papers from the conference proceedings will be published in special issues of the journals Fuel or Thermal Sciences and Engineering Progress. These papers will be selected after the conference and the authors will be informed separately.

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