The deadline for submission of the final papers is 20 February 2017

The conference proceedings will be published in Energy Procedia and will be indexed in Scopus. Launched in February 2009, Energy Procedia is an open access publication focusing entirely on publishing high-quality conference proceedings across the energy field.

All papers, Oral and Poster, will be published in Energy Procedia and have to be submitted according to the Template of Energy Procedia. Please Download it here.

 Papers should have a maximum of 8 pages and have to be submitted in Word and PDF format (2 separate files).

Frequently Asked Questions available here.

​English is the official language of the Conference and should be used for all papers, presentations and discussions.

Thank you for submitting your paper for the 11TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL FURNACES AND BOILERS (INFUB-11).

For further information, please contact 

Updated: 14/02/2017



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