Whilst the detailed range of technical topics which will be covered will depend upon the papers which are accepted, contributions are invited in any fundamental and applied area of interest in furnace and boiler technology, including:

  • Technical design and efficient, economic operation of furnaces and boilers;
  • Fuel characteristics and related combustion technologies;
  • Fixed bed, fluidised bed and pulverised suspended combustion of solid fuels;
  • Incineration of medium- and low-grade wastes;
  • Use of biomass and alternative fuels;
  • Gasification of fuels and wastes;
  • Advanced power generation , including combined generation of process heat and electricity;
  • Oxy-fuel  combustion;
  • Burner design concepts for gaseous, liquid and pulverised solid fuels;
  • Convective and radiative heat transfer in furnaces  and boilers;
  • Furnace refractories, and refractory lining design for combustion chambers;
  • Recovery of waste heat  from flue gases of process heaters, boilers and incineration plants;
  • Novel  heating  strategies and techniques in industrial high-temperature processes;
  • Gas-side corrosion, slagging  and deposition problems in boilers;
  • Pollutant emission and control  with furnace and boiler operation;
  • Carbon capture and storage;
  • Low emission combustion systems, especially  Low-NOX systems;
  • Mathematical modelling of industrial processes and plant systems;
  • Simulation and modelling of fundamental processes in gaseous, liquid and solid fuel combustion;
  • Condition  monitoring and automatic control of boilers, furnaces and process heaters.


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